About us

Information System Services of Nebraska is a company that prides itself in taking care of our customers in a prompt and professional manner. We treat you as we wish to be treated ourselves. Since we are located close to Offutt AFB, we understand the difficult time constraints the military can place on people. We will work to accommodate your schedule so you can have your business or computer back in service as soon as possible. With an A+ certified technician on hand, a quick diagnosis can get your fix started and get you back on track.

The owner is a retired AF member with years of experience in network setup, computer repair, and OS/data recovery. We can handle all virus infestations and spyware/malware (malicious software) removal using various software and techniques. We will backup your current media and ensure a maximum data restore. Remember that viruses and spyware can attack your data, having a backup will ensure a minimum of impact.

For a complete review of your network computing requirements, or for computer repair and spyware/virus removal, please send us an e-mail to or call Michael at 402-598-5816 during Central time zone business hours.

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