Who Are We?

Information System Services of Nebraska is providing complete working solutions to meet and even exceed your expectations. Our pledge to you is to provide the small business owner and home computer user quality products and services to your satisfaction.

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What We Do?

We excel in setting up and maintaining Microsoft Small Business Server networks and we have an A+ certified technician on-hand to take care of all aspects of computer virus removal, spyware infestations, software installations, and hardware repair.

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Our Pledge

We will provide at-home and in-business computer services according to your requests and within your budget.
No fix, no charge.

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Urgent message:

There are many emails going out with a zip attachment that have a embedded file that ends with a "doc.js" extension, DO NOT open these files as they are very BAD. (Yes, that's the correct technical term)

Why choose us?

Do you have a small business in need of a highly reliable network? Is your company ready to enjoy the responsiveness of qualified IT people at a reasonable cost? Do you need a web site as well as a personalized email address set up? Are you ready for the convenience of a home-based network? Do you have a virus, spyware, or the latest "FBI Ransom / Moneypak" virus? Is your computer slow to respond or plagued by pop ups? Are you ready to purchase a new computer? Do you have error messages, a failing hard drive, or need data recovery service? We have what you are looking for.


Contact: e-mail us or call Michael at 402-598-5816 during Central time zone business hours.

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